COLVECS sets out to provide fast, reliable IT Delivery Services to Customers. Our Primary Core Business consists

- IT Infrastructure Management Consulting Service

- Operation Automation Services

- Hybrid Cloud Automation Services

It is established in Dec 2011 with the objective of securing small quick wins with HP Business Technology Optimization Product in Singapore and Asean. The team possesses close to 10 years of IT experience in terms of IT Infrastructure Planning and Execution, Operation Management and 4 years of Operation Automation.

Latest News

Cloud Service Automation

COLVECS Launch first HP CSA 4.50 demonstration site for customers on 01 June 2016

IPMS Launch

COLVECS launch IP Management System demonstration for customers on 12 July 2016

GeBiz Financial Grade S4

GeBiz Application for Government Registration supply Head(s) EPU/CMP/10 at financial grade S4 has been approved with Tendering Capacity up to $500,000.